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One of the missions of Cultur’all is to create a network that works to promote culture and the arts among a vulnerable target group. Cultur’all has concluded more than 120 agreements with cultural and social structures.


Economic & social context.

In Luxembourg, a large part of the population does not have access to culture due to their precarious situation. Below you will find detailed information concerning poverty and income inequalities in Luxembourg.

As an example, note the following:

  • In 2018, the risk of poverty in Luxembourg was 18.3% and income inequality was 0.33 according to the Gini coefficient.* Poverty and inequality have increased irregularly over the years, with an upward trend over the past 15 years.
  • Isolated young people, foreigners, people with a low level of education, unemployed people, and single-parent families are more exposed to poverty
  • In 2018 10% of the population were in a situation of persistent poverty.
  • The illiteracy rate is between 7 and 9% (Ministry of National Education, 2014).
  • For nearly four out of five households, the financial burden associated with housing is worrying and increases if there are dependent children.

Given these figures about the precarious situation of many people in Luxembourg and the testimonies of people who are excluded from Luxembourg’s cultural life, Cultur’all will continue to commit to fighting these inequalities, and the obstacles associated with them.

The Kulturpass has more than ever a reason to exist!

Luis Santiago

Marianne David



Luis Santiago
socio-cultural mediator
+ 352 621 430 602

Marianne David
communications and administration officer
+352 621 660 868

Members of the Board

Elisa Baiocchi, president
Elvira Mittheis, vice-president
Anne Reding, treasurer
Nicolas van de Walle, secretary
David Fraselle, administrator
Mady Weber, administrator
Tassadit Cherfaoui, administrator
Vanessa Cum, administrator



In May 2007, a seminar entitled “Cultural diversity and cultural rights – what for?” was organized by the Institut de formation sociale (IFS), in collaboration with various associations such as ATD Quart Monde, CLAE, Femmes en détresse, Stëmm vun der Strooss, and SeDoPI. People living in precariousness also participated in this seminar and shared their experience there.

Shortly afterwards, a working group was created with the ambition of taking up many points raised during the seminar and studying concrete avenues for developing a new cultural policy, more attentive to people who are remote from it, especially those who are economically disadvantaged or of foreign origin. Reflection work carried out in collaboration with Forum Culture(s) on the development of a Cultural Pact was submitted to the political parties ahead of the legislative elections in 2009.

A common text entitled “Diversity and cultural rights” was drafted. It offered various avenues, in particular that of creating a non-profit organization (a.s.b.l.) taking inspiration from the Belgian (Article 27) or Austrian (Hunger auf Kunst und Kultur) model.
The a.s.b.l. Cultur’all was born in December 2008 following the success of the conference “Museums: agents of social change and development”, which was held at the request of the Staater Muséeën and was co-organized by the working group.

The first concrete measure taken was the establishment and distribution of the Kulturpass in January 2010 to provide as many people as possible with easier access to cultural activities.

Between 2014 and 2019, 6,500 Kulturpasses were issued. Kulturpass beneficiaries bought about 19,000 tickets for € 1.50. On average, a Kulturpass holder used his or her pass three times for a cultural event presented by one of our 75 cultural partners.

In its Kulturentwécklungsplang 2018-2028, the Ministry of Culture recommends developing more specific and integration actions, including the Kulturpass.

The story continues.


Cultur’all works at several levels:

Raising awareness of the benefits of culture and the various obstacles encountered by Kulturpass beneficiaries, and creating an interconnected and dynamic network of cultural and social partners.

The association tries to develop different approaches depending on the objective pursued.

The a.s.b.l. Cultur’all has set itself the following missions:

sensitize society and political leaders to the provisions of Article 27.1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: “Everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits”;
promote and facilitate – in particular through the Kulturpass ¬¬– access to all forms of culture for people who are remote from it, in particular those living in a difficult social and/or economic situation;
encourage the participation and contribution of all – in particular the most deprived and/or excluded people – in cultural life, not only as consumers, but also as actors;
promote cultural diversity as well as intersocial and intercultural dialogues;
promote cultural mediation and the development of synergies between the political, social and cultural fields.

Cultur’all believes that participation in cultural life, whether as an actor or as a consumer, is not only a right, but also an essential need for human development. No human being should be excluded from it for any reason. However, a large part of the population, whether they have a disability or are isolated, are from a minority culture or economically disadvantaged, do not yet enjoy this fundamental right.

However, respect for and the implementation of cultural rights are necessary conditions for the development of individual and collective capacities, cohesion and social justice. These rights have an important role to play in the fight against poverty and social exclusion.

In addition, culture is inseparable from identity. The particular demographic context of Luxembourg makes intercultural dialogue and the recognition of its particularities linked to immigration a fundamental necessity.
Culture, art and creation allow civilizations to meet, and showcase themselves. Cultural diversity must be considered an asset and be valued.

We are convinced that intersocial dialogue is an important aspect of intercultural dialogue. It is therefore a question of fostering encounters not only between people from different cultural origins, but also between people from different social backgrounds.

Cultur’all a.s.b.l. continues to sensitize partners as well as public authorities to this issue, hoping that one day resources will be released to reach all vulnerable people.

Support us!

Donating to Cultur’all is a way to promote diversity, inclusion, cohesion and social justice through culture.

From now on, the National Cultural Fund (FOCUNA) manages and processes donations made in favour of Cultur’all. If you want to support us, you can do so by following the link

Become a member

If you want to support our work and participate in the development of Cultur’all a.s.b.l., you can become a member of our association for a fee of € 15 to be paid into our account:
IBAN : LU91 0019 2955 5485 4000
Beneficiaries who wish to support us and receive a membership card can obtain it for € 1.

Become a volunteer

If you would like to support Cultur’all on a personal basis, become a volunteer. We are looking for people who want to help us. Please contact us by email:

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